Best Game Server Hosting Companies 2024

So you want to get started with a popular game? Well, that’s why we’ve written this guide to help you. All game lovers will consider hosting a server so read on to find out about our featured best game server hosting companies available in 2023. It’s important to make the right choice so in this article, we the top dedicated hosting providers who you get the best bang for your buck!

We hope our website helps you find the perfect hosting provider for your gaming needs!

How to Choose the Best Game Server Hosting Provider in 2023?

There are lots of choices out there so here’s what to consider when looking for the best-dedicated game server hosting. These are the top companies we recommend:

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Data Centers and Hardware

Look at the global locations of the servers. The nearer the players are to the server, the fewer issues you’ll have to deal with.

Not all hosting providers have the same hardware or service. Some hosts have few data centers all around the world, with modern hardware and other companies run outdated servers with old HDD drives.

Check out the hardware specs. It is important to see if it has SSD storage or runs on old HDDs. SSD is much faster and therefore better for your gaming. Also, check the CPU model, uplink speed, and other system specs relevant to dedicated server gaming.

It’s better to pay for state of the art tech rather than pay for outdated hardware.

Player Slots

This is one of the main thing you should look out for. The number of slots and resources will determine which mods you can run and how many players can join in.

The exact RAM requirements you’ll need depend on which game you want to host. Some games use less RAM than other games. Get enough RAM to support your game.

Control Panel and Features

The control panel is what separates game hosting from running a server. A good host will give you everything you need to run a server effectively without even looking at the backend code.

The control panel is a really important dashboard that allows you make changes and customise your game. For example you can deploy various games, manage backups, connect a database, view files via FTP, integrate TeamSpeak, and lots more features.

TCAdmin is possibly the most popular gaming server hosting panel mainly because it has great features and is easy to implement. If you do want to run Minecraft, you’ll likely be using Multicraft.

Some providers offer extra services with your game hosting, like website hosting, email hosting, IP addresses, Mumble servers, etc. These can be handy additions if you want to build a community around your game server.


Cybersecurity is really important in video game server hosting because you won’t want your personal info or that of your players compromised.

A provider should be encrypting everything on its servers so no one can access sensitive data. A firewall and malware prevention systems are good features to look out for.

DDoS protection is an essential addition to your toolkit. It is extremely easy for disgruntled players to take revenge by DDoSing a game server, which is one of the biggest nuisances in online gaming. Having protection from such attacks is practically a must-have and essential feature to look our for.

Support Quality

You need support if there’s a problem you help with. No server admin knows everything, so it is always good to have a few experts backing you up.

Look for a company with 24/7 support. You can also try out the live chat or ticketing system before you sign up.

Company Reputation

Online gaming is all about the community, so why not use that to check what other admins say about a provider? Review sites and community platforms like Reddit can be an awesome resource. You might find out which game hosting services work smoothly and which ones fail.


Running a game server is a lot of fun, but it can be taxing on your bank account balance. So there’s no harm in shopping around a bit. The price often corresponds with the features and resources. You can’t look for a dedicated server that can handle hundreds of players and expect to pay ten bucks.

Make sure to check out if a provider has a free dedicated game server hosting trial or a money-back policy. This lets you test out the platform without spending a dime.

The best strategy is to consider everything you need and make a list of a few potential candidates. You can then work out a compromise between getting the shiniest features and keeping down the cost of ownership.

Best Game Hosting

We compare and help you find the best game hosting providers worldwide. We help our readers with what they want and when, we do this by working with the hosting providers to reduce the price and give our readers exclusive coupons to help reduce the price, giving your value for money. We include SurvivalServers, DatHost,, Host Havoc, Zap Hosting, Ping Perfect and Hosthorde. We’ve reviewed and investigated more than 100 hosting providers worldwide on over 220 games.

Once a website stands out, our website makes sure we provide you with an unbiased review of that game hosting provider. Many sites offering comparisons are unbiased and profit centric, however, we look at all options and point out a negative, you’ll eventually find the perfect host for you.

We provide our readers with the best game server hosting. Host Havoc especially stands out when it comes to the best game host.

Compare The Best Game Server Hosting Providers

If you’re wanting to find the best game server hosting provider, we constantly maintain our comprehensive lists on each section, make sure you’re always looking at our constantly updated section for the best priced game hosting provider.

Some of the more expensive options are Survival Servers or GameServers, which both have 15+ server locations and a wide range of games. Other options like Host Havoc or PingPerfect come out a cheap, but also the least comprising when it comes to choosing a game hosting provider.

You’ll also find that more expensive providers have better control panels which mean you can customise your website more easily. Both Survival Servers and GameServers have built their own control panels, which are beyond that of Multi-craft and TCAdmin.

Why The Best Game Hosting?

Like all things, you need the best for your money, finding the best game server hosting is vital to generating money from your server and giving your players the best experience on the server.

Here is the list of the best game server hosting providers in 2023, check out the list below to see the best companies.

All of these game hosting providers are game hosting focussed and solely focus on game hosting, whereas, most reviewed on the internet are web hosting and other types of other hosting rather than game hosting.

How we determine the Best 5 Game Server Hosting

At The Game Mag we have only unbiased comparisons and reviews, so you know you’re getting good quality information.

We have made our own guidelines to test each game hosting company. The factors we consider when testing a new hosting providers are as follows:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Control panel
  • Customer Service
  • Plugins
  • DDoS Protection & Security

We considered all of the above criteria in our reviews. All of these must be met on some level by the host.