ShockByte Review

Shockbyte hosting review
We are reviewing ShockByte from my recent experience with them. They were overall pretty good and mostly know what they’re doing. I would suggest reading through this guide before purchasing their services. I suggest going with them, they provide really good servers and are friendly about refunds. Their price, at only $2.50 a month, is definitely the cheapest of all the minecraft mc servers. So read on to find out more:

ShockByte Review: Is It any good?

ShockByte hosting is a Minecraft hosting provider with thousands of customers within the Minecraft community. In this review we find out if they are really any good.

The pricing starts at $2.50 per GB. When you create your You can account you get a FREE subdomain.

For support and questions you can contact them via live  chat i24/7 to get the answers you need for any problems you may have.  If you need advice or help, all you need to do is ask their customer support team.

Some history about Shockbyte

They are an Australian company that specializes in renting out game servers. Their main areas they focus on are, Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Rust, but they plan to add further titles as they grow. Their plans can be directly suited for your needs. Their large Minecraft experience  makes them a good good place to go for specialized Minecraft hosting.

Easy setup with ShockByte?

If you need a small server for a few friends or a larger server for a big group then Shockbyte can take care of your requirements. There’s lots of different plans to choose from. You can be up and running within 5minutes. You just need to select how much ram and your server location then start playing. Shockbyte website and interface is easy to use.

Shockbyte’s servers have guaranteed DDOS protection,

ShockByte Servers

They have Bedrock Dedicated Server. Users love the setup for building a server on the host. They have great support chat for questions. Server is very stable. Waiting for the dedicated IP addon through support ticket is about the only thing I can find a downside to.

Plenty of modpacks are available such as Feed the Beast. But you can also install your own custom server settings. You can  upload your own plugins to modify your server as needed. Minecraft Bedrock dedicated server

I prefer this over realms any day! I don’t have to invite friends. Just send the IP and connect! I wish there was more Bedrock plugin support, but that doesn’t fall on Shockbyte at all.

Server Reliability is mostly good with ShockByte but there is occasional downtime.
The network server lets you know of planned downtime so know what’s about to happen beforehand. There’s hasn’t been much unscheduled downtime without warning their customers. Sometimes downtime can be a good things as it usually means they are upgrading the systems and adding in new features. If you’re not happy then you can ask for a 24 hour refund of you are not satisfied with the service.

So, the answer is easy, if top performance is your main goal, this company has got everything you need.

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24/7 live chat is available worldwide! So you can always get the answer to your query when it suits you in your timezone. We fine then to always be helpful and reply quite quickly. Alternatively you can open a support ticket for your questions and the support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pricing Plans

Shockbyte are good for your budget as line provider, though there are a lot of hosts in the same price range these days.
If you are interested in hosting around that price range, check out our site ShockByte’s costs are very reasonable and are indeed some of the most affordable around. Like most Minecraft servers, you pay monthly and there are plenty of packages to suit a variety of needs. Where you just need a single GB of RAM, or whether you need 8GB of RAM, it has you covered.

Shockbyte’s pricing plans range from 1GB RAM for $2.50 per month (Dirt plan) right up to Titan plan for 16GB of RAM $40 per month

The amount of slots you get will vary depending on which plan you sign up for.  The Dirty Plan gives you 20+ slots. And the most expensive plan (Titan Plan) has unlimited slots so the sky is the limit! ShockByte’s prices are quite affordable for the service that is offered. I purchased a 2GB ram server with them. I received the server straight away. I never really got a dedicated IP since my server is starting small.

Shockbyte Discounts and coupons

ShockByte coupon codes available that offer as much as 5% cashback. On top of the already very reasonable pricing plans so you can get good deals.

ShockByte security

According to ScamAdvisor, ShockByte is safe to use. It’s been independently verified and has a TrustScore rating of 90%.

Their plans all come with guaranteed DDOS protection and an. 100% UpTime guarantee so that your network server will be protected from any incoming attacks.

A registered business in Australia, ShockByte has been revolutionizing the Minecraft hosting industry since 2013 and is perfectly legit and trustworthy.

Is ShockByte good?

ShockByte is a trusted Minecraft server that offers affordable pricing plans. Remember that the customer support is really good  and they have high security levels. So If you’re looking to create a Minecraft server for a you and your online friends then this Minecraft host is a quality choice, but if you want to do further research then you can read our comparison guide here to find out other  best minecraft hosting companies that we recommend.